Our IVF journey begins…

We had been married for 12 months when we decided we seriously wanted to start trying for a baby.  We had always talked about having kids long before we were married,  I had been off the pill for around 18 months and thought it would just be a matter of “well we want to have a baby” so it will happen straight away… Unfortunately the process wouldn’t be that simple for us.

I sat down with Dr Bill Watkins at the Tas IVF clinic in July 2014, I had already had bloods and an ultrasound before seeing him and we talked about the fact that I had not had a period in nearly two years and after some more tests he advised me that I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  PCOS is something I had never heard of but now realise is very common with woman today.  He gave me information booklets and explained the process of where we go from here.  As confusing as this appointment was it was nice to know that there was a reason behind my irregular periods and the fact I hadn’t had one in such a long time.  I was always worried about being able to conceive as my mum, auntie and other family members had struggled with fertility and although all had been able to have children had struggled for years trying to conceive.  Bill was kind, empathetic and put my mind at ease and told me that everyone’s body is different and although genetics can play a part to try to stay positive as I may not necessarily have the same problems.

It took us 3-4 months of digesting the information and the process we would have to go through before I finally made the trip back to the Tas IVF clinic in November 2014.  On this day I saw the nurses to get my prescription for clomid (primolut) and provera to bring on my period to start my cycle.  On day one I called the nurses and they advised me to start the clomid on day two of my cycle to be honest I had never been so excited to get my period.  On day 12 I went in for my internal scan with Bill, little did I know this would be the first of many scan.  I was feeling nervous, anxious and didn’t really know what to expect but in my mind thinking there will be follicles showing and I will fall pregnant this month.  That wasn’t the case there was nothing there so back I went on day 14 and 16 and still nothing I had still not ovulated.  This was a hard pill to swallow, I knew it was only my first try but being such a positive person and expecting things to happen in my time, this news was hard to take.

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