The first real step…

I waited for my next cycle to start and for the first time in two years I had got a period by myself without any drugs, again it’s the small things that excite you.  I called the nurses and started clomid, on day 12 I went into the clinic for my scan this time I saw Irena Nikakas as Bill was away and this was the start of a great relationship I built with her.  Her kind hearted nature and sense of humour made me feel comfortable instantly.  On day 12 there were follicles showing but they weren’t big enough, I went back on day 14 and they were at 15mm and she advised I would ovulate on the 19th of December so told us to “go and do our thing and hope for a Christmas present.”  The feeling of just knowing I had ovulated was a relief that my body was starting work how it should.  It was a long two weeks before being able to do a pregnancy test and heartbreaking to show the negative result.


The next three months continued on this way, going back and forth for scans and either the follicles not being big enough or I had ovulated but hadn’t fallen pregnant.  The amount of times I had stayed strong whilst in the room with Irena but then broke down to Justin on the phone whilst walking down the stairs to the car.  It was such an emotional rollercoaster and although Jus didn’t come to all my appointments knowing I had him to support me and tell me “Bub it will be ok, be patient, we are not the only ones going through this.” just made it that little bit easier.

After discussions with Irena she said it would help if I had my tubes checked and flushed so I scheduled in at Woman’s Imagery for this procedure.  Jus and Mum were both working so could not come, I said I would go alone but my bestie Mel said she would never let that happen and sat by my side which I could never thank her enough for.  This procedure up to this point was the most awful thing I had ever had done, I understand everyone is different but the two Panadol I was told to take before going in definitely didn’t help me at all and a procedure that traumatised me from here on… I won’t go into the finer details but the cramping, stinging pain (yes I felt everything) and loss of blood made me sick and nearly pass out and then the first time didn’t work so they had to do it again.  Thank god I had Mel there to help me, to hold my hand and try to distract me from the pain.  But by the end my tubes were clear which can only help with trying to conceive.

So after the clomid not working we decided to start the process for Artificial Insemination.  Once again venturing into the world of the unknown with having to give myself injections on a daily basis (of an evening) during my cycle.  So once my cycle started it was the usual procedure of calling the nurTABLETSses and them telling me my dosage.  On day two of my March cycle I did my first injection, it was at a dose of 50ml, I was so scared to inject myself so made Justin do it for me, he did this nightly for me until day 8 I decided I need to learn to do this myself in case he was ever not home.  On day 9 I went in for my scan and this continued every second day until day 14 (on the 31st of March) with my dosages being upped to 100ml by then.   Irena smile and advised the follicles were big enough and I could trigger on the 2nd ready to do Artificial Insemination on the 3rd of April.  Now we had a problem… the 3rd of April was Good Friday (a public holiday) and we flew out to Adelaide on the 1st of April for Easter, a trip we had planned for months and could not cancel so the only option was to trigger myself on the Wednesday night at 8pm and exactly 36 hours later we would have to have sex to try and make it happen.


This went from me being so happy that the folicles were at the right size to so incredibly upset they couldn’t do the Artificial Insemination but I still held some hope that from the Gonal F injections and the Trigger (to force ovulation) that I would fall pregnant.

Irena as usual made me feel much better by saying “I hope you have a VERY Good Friday and laughing.

So there we are in Adelaide and why not make the most of staying in a nice hotel and nothing being open for Good Friday… Now to wait 2 weeks to see whether a change of scenery may have worked for us???

2 thoughts on “The first real step…

  1. You are amazing!!! Such a strong women to go thru all this but it’s definitely worth it in the end. I had no idea at all how long the process was. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Looking forward to the next part. Xx

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