Nobody said it would be easy… they just promised that it would be worth it!

Justin pushed me to change the appointment with the nurses to the following day so we knew what we were up against and could get started straight away.  So on the 23rd of September we sat with the nurses for close to two hours filling out paperwork, asking questions, talking to the Scientists who collect and fertilize your eggs and they also showed us where I would go in for my egg collection surgery.  The nurses were as wonderful as ever, they put our mind at ease, answered all of our questions and explained all of the new medication that I would need to be on and when and how to take/inject them.  Tas IVF

Jump ahead to the 7th of October and I am trying to be patient… Patiently waiting and hoping that my cycle will start in the next few days so we can start the next chapter of our journey.  I had never been into hospital before so the thought of being under a general anaesthetic and my eggs being taken scared the absolute hell out of me.  But if it leads to us falling pregnant then it is 100% absolutely worth it.

I know we still have a long road ahead of us, it may take time and a number of IVF attempts before it works but our numbers look good, we are positiv and I know deep in my heart that when the time is right it will happen for us.

puregonOn Friday the 9th of October I called the nurses to advise I had my period and to find out what the next step was with my IVF medication.  Thank god I had my pink sticky notes handy to write everything down as I am forgetful enough and would never remember it all, call it pre baby brain maybe.  They told me to start the Puregon injections on day two at 125ml and then on day six start the orgalutran injections and then go for a scan on the 16th.  So on day two it was my first night with the puregon, although I had been injecting the Gonal F this was something new and all of a sudden I felt that nervous and scared feeling again, here we go again I thought and in my mind “god I hope this time works.”  Injecting the puregon was really no different and I continued this until Wednesday the 14th when I also started the orgalutran injections.  I go in for my first scan on the 16th, I am not sure what they are expecting to see on day 8 as it is quite early but they are the Doctors and know what they are looking for.

So the 16th came around and off I went to see Irena for a scan, she told me I would have to note down on a piece of paper how many eggs were on each side of my ovaries, I just thought well this is quite bizarre to be having my legs up and an internal exam and making notes but I stayed open minded and then she said well that was a test run, nothing to note as they are too small (exactly what I had thought).  So back I went on the 19th for another scan she gave me the piece of paper again and we noted around 10 to 13mm eggs showing, there were a lot more on the left side than there were on the right.  Your eggs have to be at 18mm before we trigger and send you in for egg collection so another scan was made for two days’ time.  Slowly but surely they are growing, on the 21st of October we scanned again and I had 18 eggs over 10mm with the majority being 13-16mm which is a good sign and then another 10 eggs that are under 10mm.  Irena gave me a script to get metformin tablets which helps control blood sugar levels but also helps control overstimulation of my eggs.  Back in on the 23rd just to do another check and see how they are going, fingers crossed I am in for egg coscan dayllection on Monday – or harvesting as they call it (God that is a awful word, it makes me feel like they are taking me out to a farm to do it).

I am back again for another scan, the reception staff now know me by name and I just walk in and sit down.  We scanned again and Irena was very excited as the follicles/eggs were looking great.  We have 20 eggs that are between 15 – 20mm which is just where they should be so she scheduled me in for egg collection on Monday the 26th  of October.  I did my last puregon injection tonight and have to do an extra dosage of orgalutran tomorrow morning and get ready to trigger at 8:15pm exactly tomorrow night.  I am very excited that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel and although I am trying to not get my hopes up that this will definitely work but it is a relief that all the time, effort and pain has been worth it.

Once my eggs are taken to be fertilised we are at the next stage of our journey…8cafd38a373a006fd9a26b5f896b063e


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