Egg Retrieval Day is here!

JUSThe alarm went off at 5:30am on Monday the 26th of October so up we got, showered and made our way into the hospital as we had to be there by 6:30, egg collection day had finally arrived.

There were five other couples so one by one they took us into our rooms where we were told to put on our gowns and booties and to get comfortable.  The nurse came around a couple of times to check my blood pressure and to make sure we were ok.  Surprisingly the time went quite quickly and other than being slightly hungry from fasting from the night before we kept ourselves entertained.  It’s easy when you have a husband to make you laugh and take your mind of what is about to happen.  At 9:15am the nurse came and  got us and took us up to theatre, Jus came down with me but waited in the waiting area as he didn’t want to come into theatre, they weighed me in the waiting area and Irena and the anaesthetist both came in to explain the procedure.

IVF2I walked into theatre, got up on the bed my cannula was put in and the last thing I remember was talking to the anaesthetist about karaoke, having a little sing and then I was out to it.  I woke up to Jus beside me and just feeling like I wanted to go back to sleep.  The nurse came and gave me some panadeine forte as I had terrible cramping pain, my blood pressure dropped and I started to feel quite sick and faint.  They gave me something through my cannula and within 5-10 minutes I was feeling a little better, I felt even better again when they told me that they had retrieved 23 eggs.  They wheeled me back to our room where they bought in breakfast which Justin was very excited about.  Over the next hour they continued to monitor me and take my blood pressure, once I was feeling ok they let me get up go to the toilet and I could get changed.  They took the cannula out and then we could go home.  Irena came to see us and to explain that they wouldn’t be doing the transfer on Saturday as planned, I thought I would be dissapointed but to be honest I must say I was relieved as I knew my body had been through a lot and as she said there is no point putting a fertilised egg back in when your body hasn’t healed properly.  So she told me to go home, rest up and I was to call once I got my next period and then we could prepare to do our egg transfer.


I honestly didn’t comprehend how much of a toll this procedure would have on my body, I thought that they would harvest my eggs and I would be sore for a day or two and then I would be fine, this was not the case.  The Monday was fine just a little bit of cramping but I had pain relief and was still a little groggy from the anaesthetic.  Tuesday to Friday were awful… I was so bloated, the cramping through my lower and upper stomach was so bad that all I did for four days was lay on the couch with a heat pack, I had taken a lot of pain relief but it wasn’t really doing anything to help.  Of a night I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable and could not lay on my side at all.  I was also extremely constipated which made my bloating worse.  I called the nurses on the Tuesday and they told me that they had fertilized 15 eggs which were just ecstatic about and made me even happier to think I wouldn’t have to go through this procesdure again or at least not for a long time.  I then called the nurses daily and they assured me that how I was feeling was very normal for the amount of eggs that they had taken but by the Friday they told me to go and get some movicol from the chemist which is a laxative.  Over the weekend I looked as if I was around 20 weeks pregnant that is how bloated my stomach was but then I spent the next three days on the toilet so I went from one extreme to the other, a lovely picture I know.  I went back to work on the Monday still not feeling 100% it wasn’t until the Wednesday I really felt myself again so it took me an easy 10 days to feel ok again.  But I knew that no matter how bad I had felt or how much pain I had been put in that it would all be worth it.

Now to wait to get a period….


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