The next two weeks felt like forever but we were lucky that on Boxing Day we travelled to Flinders Island to visit Loz, Cody and Scarlett.  This trip away was absolutely the best thing for me, I spent two whole weeks of relaxing on the beach with my beautiful familytests3 and friends.  Irena had told me to wait two weeks before doing my  own pregnancy test but on the 30th of December we couldn’t help ourself and decided that we would do a test just to see if anything showed?  It was very faint but there was a line there!!!

I wasn’t convinced so on the 1st of January we did another test before Jus flew home, the line was much darker and we started to get a little excited.  On the 3rd I did another test (you just can’t be too sure) and it too was a dark line.  I told Loz after three tests and she cried with happiness and I just couldn’t stop shaking.  tests2

I knew that I still had to have blood tests when we got home on Saturday the 9th of January so it wouldn’t be confirmed until this time.  I should have had bloods taken on the 5th but because I was away I had to rush to Pathology by 1pm on the 9th.  We were hoping that we would get the results back that day but unfortunately we couldn’t so between the 3rd and the 9th I did do another two tests, yes I know that is five tests but as I said you can never see those two lines enough when you have been trying for so long.  On the Sunday (and after five tests) we thought it was safe to tell our parents.  We gave them a piece of paper to read that said “The best parents get promoted to grandparents – Baby McVilly coming in September 2016” they were all over the moon.  Tears from both of our mums and yes surprisingly my datestsd too and Leigh well he was just in shock and we captured it all on video to look back on.

Then I thought the worst had happened, Sunday night I went to the toilet and there was blood… I went into complete meltdown and couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t find my emergency contacts for the clinic or Irena.  I messaged a friend who had been through IVF, she told me that I should stay calm as she did bleed when she first fell pregnant with her twins but if I was extremely worried and the bleeding was heavy I should go to the hospital.  I eventually found a number for Steve Bradford who was great and calmed me down, he told me that if it was spotting or brown blood it was very normal and called a implantation bleed but if it got heavier then I should go straight to emergency.  I had never heard of an implantation bleed before but it is where the embryo is burying itself/attaching into the uterus and can last a few hours or up to a day or two.  I couldn’t thank Steve enough for putting my mind at ease and to Jus as usual for trying to calm me down during my meltdown.

At 7:30am on Monday the 11th of January I got a call on the way to work, it was the call we had both been waiting for… The nurse from the clinic was calling to say that I was in fact five weeks pregnant.  On Friday the 22nd at 9:15am we met with Irena and for the first time (although very small) we saw Baby Mac. Words cannot describe this feeling, a feeling of love, excitement and pure relief, to say we were both completely over the moon in an understatement we just could not believe that all of our dreams were coming true…dreams


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