The first 12 weeks…

The next seven weeks seemed to go slowly, it is that feeling of pure happiness and excitement and you just want to share it with the world.  But you also know that those first 12 weeks are so important and there is still that chance that anything could happen in that time and I just kept thinking the less people that knew the less we would have to tell if something bad did happen.  We told our immediate family and our closest friends of our news but we of course had family and friends that all knew that we had our egg transfer  before Christmas so we either had to tell them it hadn’t worked or that we hadn’t been for a scan yet or we just tried to avoid people in general, it seems harsh but true.  But boy is it hard, not only were we excited but I was also struck down with morning sickness, Baby Mac sure was letting me know that they were in there!

The first trimester is real… I lived on toast as I just couldn’t stomach cooking or even the smell of most foods let alone trhappy-toast-bread-slice-cartoon-character-licking-his-lips-butter-illustration-isolated-white-background-72034073ying to eat anything.  I was nauseous most mornings and did many a quick dash to the toilet at work hoping no one would notice firstly how long I was spending in the toilet and secondly how often I was going.   I felt tired so had plenty of early nights but continued to tell myself that all of this was a positive thing and feeling this way could only mean everything was progressing well and that our baby was growing inside of me day by day.

Physically I looked the same a little chubbier around the middle but nothing really noticeable unless I wore something tight, until I got closer to the twelve week mark which is when I popped out a little more.

Finally it was time to go to our 12 weeks scan…  Chosing an obstetrician really confused me, I knew which hospital I wanted to go to but I really had no idea on how to chose an obstetrician, I had recommendations from friends but in the end spoke to Irena about it.  Actually Irena asked me who I would be having and I replied “you.”  Irena wasn’t an obstetrician so that really wasn’t going to work.  As I mentioned I had met2016-03-05 16.01.34 Steve Bradford through the TAS IVF clinic so already knew him, I mentioned him and a few others to Irena, we chatted about each and she said she thought Steve was a good fit for us.  So off we went for our scan with Steve, eager to see our growing baby.  This was the first time Jus was meeting Steve and I am so thankful that he built a great relationship with him too.  To be honest you either click with him or you don’t… He has a wicked sense of humour and swears like a trooper but he is down to earth and made us feel comfortable and we loved him.  You have to spend the next nine months seeing this person frequently so the last thing you want is someone you don’t connect with!

We heard that heartbeat and saw Baby Mac on the screen and it was a sigh of relief, our hearts just melted and made all the sickness worth it.  Steve was happy with how everything was progressing and said he wouldn’t need to see me again until twenty weeks unless I had any concerns.  We could now start to tell people our wonderful news… We told our close friends and family and then announced it to the world of social media!

Thankfully by around fifteen weeks the morning sickness had eased and I was back to feeling like my old self again.  Now to enjoy this pregnancy journey!

2016-03-03 20.11.56-2


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