The Second Trimester… Scans, Cravings & A Growing Bump!

My pregnancy continued along nicely… Time seemed to fly by and before I knew it there was a growing bump and it was time to for our twenty-week scan.  Back we went to Woman’s Imagery, the last time I was here it was very unpleasant and possibly one of SH_0055the worst and most traumatising parts of our IVF journey (if you don’t remember yes I am talking about my tubes being flushed).  Thankfully this was a much nicer and happier experience, we spent about 45 minutes watching Baby Mac on the screen, seeing it’s little arms and legs move, hearing the heartbeat and hiding for some of the time.  We decided not to find out the sex and to have a surprise, Jus originally wanted to know but I talked him around to not finding out and I am so glad we left it a surprise.

As you continue through the second trimester your baby bump continues to grow and you no longer just look like you have put on a bit of extra weight, your bump really shows and I loved when I got to around 22 weeks and could wear things that really showed off my bump. I bought a few maternity dresses, but I was lucky enough to borrow or be given some second-hand tops and jeans and I literally lived in my Jeans West maternity jeans, they were just so comfy.  My heels were pushed to the back of the wardrobe unless we had a special event to go to and flats were my new go too footwear and I found as I got towards the end of the second trimester I was waddling around like a duck a little more too.Capture.JPG

Cravings are real that’s for sure, but I didn’t have anything crazy like pickles and ice-cream combos.  As I said early in my pregnancy I lived on toast, but I don’t think that was a craving more I couldn’t stomach anything else, I also lost my love of coffee actually all hot drinks and for those who know me would know how strange this was as I am one big time coffee lover.  As time went on my first and biggest craving was peaches, not whole peaches but those peach slices, I would eat them literally by the tub.   I also feel like those Cottee’s instant vanilla puddings and chocolate milkshakes were life.  My funniest flat,800x800,075,f_u3cravings memory was probably when I woke up at 2am and all I wanted was  ice-cream cake… not sure where you can get one at 2am so it’s easy to say I hate to fight that craving.  I think back now and really should have watched what I ate more and ate a lot healthier, but I was in the mindset of “oh well I’m getting fat anyway” no wonder I blew out like a balloon.  About the only healthy thing I did crave was oranges and there were a few weeks where I ate them by the kilo.   From all of my sweet cravings the common comment was “Oh you are totally having a girl” Or “You always crave sweet things when you are having a girl.”  I had heard this myth but didn’t believe it for a second, I always had a gut feeling that I was having a boy but not once did I crave savoury or salty foods.

It was probably all the food I was eating but I suffered shocking heartburn and indigestion and chocolate seemed to be the biggest culprit which was oh so depressing and the indigestion seemed to happen mostly at night time.  Steve, my OB prescribed me with some tablets that certainly did ease the pain greatly but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were called.  But recently I have also been told that fruit tingles are a winner for indigestion, who would have thought???  Sleep for me was hard and uncomfortable enough without indigestion, but I continued to relish in pregnancy life and starting to feel this little one wriggle around inside of me so much more. Baby Mac seemed to be alive and kicking (literally) at night time, just like his father he wanted to be a bit of a party animal.  AND I also absolutely loved my maternity pillow to sleep with, I just got one of the body pillows from Kmart and I think it was about $20 but well worth getting to help with comfort levels throughout the night, even if it was like having another person in the bed, I guess it was just preparing us for parenting life!

At around 26 weeks I went to have my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, I had to fast from the night before going into pathology and having my first blood sample. Then I was given a sweet, glucose (cordial like) drink and over the space of a couple of hours had more blood samples. I am glad I took myself a little snack to have after I was finished as I had to drive home and felt a little light headed.

As I said things were moving along nicely in my pregnancy, nothing major to report. We continued to buy and layby nursery and baby items and made lists of the things we still needed for our upcoming baby showers.  Jus spent a weekend painting the soon to be nursery and I decorated it, it felt like things were getting real and we couldn’t believe that in just over 3 months Baby Mac would be here with us!






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