“Wow you are Puffy”

Pregnancy is truly an amazing time in a woman’s life and an absolute miracle!  From one cell and an embryo transfer we created an entirely new human which is something that should be enjoyed & celebrated.  I relished in pregnant life and adored my new shape with a growing Mini Mac inside of me.

Around the 30 week mark I found myself feeling quite tired, I thought it was just the 2016-07-22 20.17.41extra weight I had gained and the growing human inside of me but I realised I also had a bit of swelling around my ankles and feet.  For the next week or so I tried to keep my feet up at home and rest as much as possible.  At 32 weeks we had a busy weekend, mum threw me a family baby shower and we had a maternity photo shoot.  I knew when I tried to put shoes on there was still quite a bit of swelling but it wasn’t until the next day when I saw photo’s I actually realised how “puffy” I really was, not only my feet and ankles but my lower legs, hands, face and neck so I decided I should go and check that everything was ok with both bub and I.

I couldn’t see Steve so the nurses took my blood pressure, took blood and got me to do a urine test and said if there was anything not quite right they would call me.  I didn’t hear anything so assumed everything was fine plus I knew I had an appointment scheduled with Steve on the Thursday.  I was still working so on the Thursday left the office, said I would be back in an hour and headed to my OB appointment.  I walked into Steve’s office and he said “wow you are puffy” he did a scan and Mini Mac was fine but when he checked my blood pressure it was high, he immediately said “Don’t panic everything is fine but I am sending you straight to hospital” I laughed because in myself I felt fine but agreed it was for the best and that I would meet him over at the hospital.  This didn’t seem real, this morning I was sitting in my office and this afternoon I was sitting in a hospital bed.  The next 72 hours were crazy and a bit of a blur… Steve came to see me and told me that I had high blood pressure, protein in my urine and obviously I had a lot of fluid which meant I had preeclampsia so they needed to keep a close on eye on me.  He asked when I had finished up at work, I said I hadn’t and he said “Well you have now.”  I left the office for a one hour appointment never to return… Lucky I was super organised and already done a hand over because this was three weeks earlier than expected.  I was given blood pressure medication and Steve explained that I would have to be monitored closely over the coming couple of days but there was a large chance that Mini Mac would be here over the weekend via caesarean!

Queue mini meltdown… I was nearly 33 weeks and not prepared for this to be happening!2016-08-01 09.54.53

I had half of my hospital bag packed so had to give Jus instructions on what else I needed and get him to bring them in.  We still felt like we had so much to do before Mini Mac’s arrival so Jus spent the weekend putting the wardrobe and cot together whilst still coming in and out of the hospital, so we could have the final name discussion.  They were pretty much sorted by this time but we were still trying to decide on a boys middle name, remembering we didn’t know the sex so had to have both options sorted.

Steve was not rostered on over the weekend so Dr Marion Chilcott came to see me on the Saturday, she gave me steroid shots to try to get Mini Mac to grow that little bit more as they would look to deliver on the coming Monday.  So we sat tight over the weekend and tried to prepare ourself… It was a mix of nerves and excitement all rolled into one.  Monday came and Steve said as my blood pressure had gone down slightly and my fluid had reduced they would wait another 24 hours and reaccess things, he came back that evening and said you can go home… “Home, what the…” here I was preparing myself to have a baby that day and now I was being sent home.  He said that he was happy for me to go home as long as I relaxed (so I was basically on bedrest) and had to come back every second day to see him.

So home I went and home was where I stayed for the next two weeks… I caught up on trashy tv, slept and tried my hardest not to clean the house even though “nesting” was well and truly setting in.  I went back every second day as requested to see Steve just to check everything was fine, every trip taking my hospital bag with me to be prepared in case he admitted me again.  And after nearly two weeks at home the day came where he said “look you need to be back in hospital, your blood pressure is starting to increase 2016-08-17 09.41.14again.”

So back I went to Calvary Hospital, I was beginning to feel quite at home here and Steve scheduled me in to be induced the coming Sunday.  Once again the nerves set in but this time it was more excited knowing in less than a week we would be meeting our Mini Mac.  I had mentally prepared myself (well as much as you can) to have a caesarean so now I had to try and get  my head around having a vaginal birth but I guess I had five days to do so…

Steve would come to check on me twice a day, once in the morning (sometimes for a crazy 6am wake up check) and once in the evening (sometimes not until after 8pm).  He would enter with a “hey puffy, how are you today.”  Remember I said you either get his sense of humour or you don’t, I felt comfortable with the banter and jokes and it made me more relaxed and at ease but I do remember thinking when does this man ever sleep and when does he see his family as it seems like he is here 24 hours a day.  I could never thank him enough for everything him and the amazing midwives at Calvary did for me and Mini Mac over the month period that I was in and out of hospital.

Preeclampsia can occur at all stages of pregnancy!  I am so glad that I got checked out once I realised I had a lot more fluid than I should have because this was something I was barely aware of and definitely didn’t have all of the details on.  I might follow up with another blog all about the effects of preeclampsia in the coming weeks…

Next blog… Mini Mac’s Arrival!!!

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