Tips when preparing for IVF…

Embarking on IVF is a scary yet exciting journey… It will possibly be the most amazing yet confronting adventure in your life.  It will be a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions, highs, lows and so many feelings you didn’t even know you had.

When we were going through our IVF journey I struggled with the mixed bag of emotions, getting excited to be let down time and time again and constantly asked myself why me, why us, why my body!  The process is both physically and mentally draining but we were blessed that the end result was a success.  So I wanted to put together a few things you should know if you are preparing to embark on your IVF journey.192d577ec60c590fc63c62468eb771ec--grieving-quotes-infertility-quotes

A Strong Support Person – Support is one of the biggest things you will need through this entire journey, someone who will listen openly without judgement.  For me this was my husband… He was my rock and my voice of reason, he let me cry, scream and let all my emotions out but he also comforted me when I needed it and gave his raw honest opinion to get me through.  I know not everyone goes through this journey with a partner however everyone needs just someone as their support to be 100% open and honest with.

A Healthy Lifestyle – I am certainly not the healthiest person in the world but I do have a relitively good diet, drink plenty of water and exercise reguarly and I think this helped with the success of IVF for us.  Doing yoga or pilates can really help your mindset along with your health and wellbeing.  I also believe you want to give yourself the best possible chance to become pregnant so ensuring you are healthy is the first

Distractions – IVF can easily consume your whole life and mindset if you let it so I would recommend a hobby or some kind of distraction.  For me it was dancing, I could go to classes each week and just be me, let go and put IVF to the back of my mind for a few hours.  It was also a way to keep fit and exercise at the same time.

Positivity – I certainly found that this was one of the hardest things to maintain through our IVF journey but it is so incredibly important to think and stay positive to increase your chances of conceiving.  It is easy to quickly resort to the negative especially when you get bad news or a set back however surrounding yourself with positive people that can keep you on track and who can boost your confidence will help more than you will know…2954_1_wandtattoo_think_positive

Money – It is hard to put a price on the family you long for but no one can deny IVF is costly.  In Australia medicare will cover some of the costs but I would also recommend private health insurance.  Although private health will not help with the cost of appointments, scans, medication etc it does assist when you have to go in for day surgery for your egg harvest and embryo transfer.  Before starting IVF set yourself a approximate budget of what you would be willing to spend as you do not need the added stress of finances on top of the stress of IVF.piggy-bank

Whether you are just starting your IVF journey, already emarked on it or just know someone going through it then I hope these tips have helped.  Goodluck and remember everyone’s journey is different.

Relish in the wins, the positive and the good times but know that it is also ok to be sad and angry in the hard times and always remember…Any-Woman-Who-Does-IVF-is-a-Freakin-Warrior-580x387.jpg


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