10 Tips for Travelling with a Toddler!

We have just returned from a family holiday… Although I had travelled with Noah a bit as a baby it had been around 9 months since I flew with him and wow how time changes as they get older and are on the move so much more!


So here are my tips for travelling with a toddler…

1 – Get to the airport early – There is nothing worse than rushing and being completely frazzled as your child will sense your vibe and thrive from it.  Get to the airport an hour prior to give yourself enough time to check in, clear security, get a drink or some food and do a nappy change.

2 – Book through flights – I know that budget airlines with cheap fares is appealing, I know this best being a travel agent.  However budget airlines mean if you don’t have a direct flight then picking up your bags and re-checking in.  When travelling with bags, prams, portercots etc you just want to know you can check in at your origin and have them arrive at your destination.

3 – Spare Seats – Ask the check in staff if it is a full flight, fingers crossed they say no so you can ask if there are any spare seats.  Noah is 21 months old so just about time that he is classed as a “child” and we pay for him to have his own seat.  As much as it pains me that I will have to pay for him having him sit on our lap for longer flights can be a bit of a challenge.  On our Melbourne – Cairns flight we were lucky that we had a spare seat next to us so Noah could spread out, he had room for his toys and room for him to lay down with his head on me when he needed a sleep.  On our return flight unfortunately the flight was full so we were crammed in, it made me realise how lucky we were on our flight up to have that extra space and being taller Jus was feeling the pressure of being crammed in a lot more than me on our forward flight.

4 – Tire them out – Yes you may have to chase them around the airport twenty timflyinges but you will be thankful when you get on board with a tired babe.  Better that they burn that energy before getting on the plane.

5 – Have the wet wipes and sick bag handy – Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way, we had a toddler with motion sickness which ended in Noah, Mama and the seats and floor covered in vomit.  We had amazing crew on board who cleaned it up along with Jus without a fuss while I got Noah cleaned up and changed.  But the ongoing smell, eww!  Wipes are also handy to wipe down the tray table, change table etc as god knows what germs are on them.

6 – Change of clothes – I know most mums would have a change of clothes for their babes however pack a change for yourself as well.  As per my tip number 4 bub is not the only one who can end up with vomit on them!

Peppa-Pig-Around-the-World-with-Peppa-Airplane-e1490370902307-17 – Entertainment – Yes I know screen time isn’t always best but you will give anything to keep your child quiet, sitting still and entertained with some Peppa Pig.  Also pack some of their favourite toys and colouring books.  I also found it good to bring out one toy at a time so that Noah was over one thing before I bought another out.  Qantas have a great kids program called the ‘Joey Club’ so when Noah got on board he got a pack that helped keep him occupied for some of the trip.

8 – Snacks – Pack plenty of snacks!  Noah will eat basically anything and isn’t fussy yumboxhowever I had his YumBox filled with his favourite snacks and things that wouldn’t get him high on sugar.  Cheese, fruit sticks, crackers, some fruit (for him to eat on board as some states are funny about bringing fruit in), yoghurt and his sippy cup of water to keep him hydrated.  Food can also help as an added distraction when they are getting restless.

9 – Have a bottle or dummy on hand for their poor little ears on take off and landing.  They can’t let you know whats wrong but the tugging at their ears may be a giveaway.  Giving them something to suck on to try and ease the pain may help or if you are still breastfeeding that too will help.

10 – Flight Times – If possibly think about the time of the day you are travelling.  For longer/international flights I would opt for night flights so that Noah can sleep as much as possible, no guarantees but worth a try.  Noah still has a day sleep around 11am/midday so flight times around that time are good for him to have some lunch and try to get him off to sleep.  We find early morning flights the hardest as you have to wake them up to get to the flight so they are already a bit cranky before you even start.

I hope my tips have helped a little when you are travelling with your toddler next and I would love to hear any of your tips that you may have… It may be a lot of planning to travel with a infant but there is nothing better than travelling as a family and creating memories together!cairns








The Second Trimester… Scans, Cravings & A Growing Bump!

My pregnancy continued along nicely… Time seemed to fly by and before I knew it there was a growing bump and it was time to for our twenty-week scan.  Back we went to Woman’s Imagery, the last time I was here it was very unpleasant and possibly one of SH_0055the worst and most traumatising parts of our IVF journey (if you don’t remember yes I am talking about my tubes being flushed).  Thankfully this was a much nicer and happier experience, we spent about 45 minutes watching Baby Mac on the screen, seeing it’s little arms and legs move, hearing the heartbeat and hiding for some of the time.  We decided not to find out the sex and to have a surprise, Jus originally wanted to know but I talked him around to not finding out and I am so glad we left it a surprise.

As you continue through the second trimester your baby bump continues to grow and you no longer just look like you have put on a bit of extra weight, your bump really shows and I loved when I got to around 22 weeks and could wear things that really showed off my bump. I bought a few maternity dresses, but I was lucky enough to borrow or be given some second-hand tops and jeans and I literally lived in my Jeans West maternity jeans, they were just so comfy.  My heels were pushed to the back of the wardrobe unless we had a special event to go to and flats were my new go too footwear and I found as I got towards the end of the second trimester I was waddling around like a duck a little more too.Capture.JPG

Cravings are real that’s for sure, but I didn’t have anything crazy like pickles and ice-cream combos.  As I said early in my pregnancy I lived on toast, but I don’t think that was a craving more I couldn’t stomach anything else, I also lost my love of coffee actually all hot drinks and for those who know me would know how strange this was as I am one big time coffee lover.  As time went on my first and biggest craving was peaches, not whole peaches but those peach slices, I would eat them literally by the tub.   I also feel like those Cottee’s instant vanilla puddings and chocolate milkshakes were life.  My funniest flat,800x800,075,f_u3cravings memory was probably when I woke up at 2am and all I wanted was  ice-cream cake… not sure where you can get one at 2am so it’s easy to say I hate to fight that craving.  I think back now and really should have watched what I ate more and ate a lot healthier, but I was in the mindset of “oh well I’m getting fat anyway” no wonder I blew out like a balloon.  About the only healthy thing I did crave was oranges and there were a few weeks where I ate them by the kilo.   From all of my sweet cravings the common comment was “Oh you are totally having a girl” Or “You always crave sweet things when you are having a girl.”  I had heard this myth but didn’t believe it for a second, I always had a gut feeling that I was having a boy but not once did I crave savoury or salty foods.

It was probably all the food I was eating but I suffered shocking heartburn and indigestion and chocolate seemed to be the biggest culprit which was oh so depressing and the indigestion seemed to happen mostly at night time.  Steve, my OB prescribed me with some tablets that certainly did ease the pain greatly but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were called.  But recently I have also been told that fruit tingles are a winner for indigestion, who would have thought???  Sleep for me was hard and uncomfortable enough without indigestion, but I continued to relish in pregnancy life and starting to feel this little one wriggle around inside of me so much more. Baby Mac seemed to be alive and kicking (literally) at night time, just like his father he wanted to be a bit of a party animal.  AND I also absolutely loved my maternity pillow to sleep with, I just got one of the body pillows from Kmart and I think it was about $20 but well worth getting to help with comfort levels throughout the night, even if it was like having another person in the bed, I guess it was just preparing us for parenting life!

At around 26 weeks I went to have my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, I had to fast from the night before going into pathology and having my first blood sample. Then I was given a sweet, glucose (cordial like) drink and over the space of a couple of hours had more blood samples. I am glad I took myself a little snack to have after I was finished as I had to drive home and felt a little light headed.

As I said things were moving along nicely in my pregnancy, nothing major to report. We continued to buy and layby nursery and baby items and made lists of the things we still needed for our upcoming baby showers.  Jus spent a weekend painting the soon to be nursery and I decorated it, it felt like things were getting real and we couldn’t believe that in just over 3 months Baby Mac would be here with us!






Things not to say to woman going through IVF…


You always get those questions of “when are you getting married?” and then your married and you get asked “when are you having a baby?” and then you have one child and you get asked “when are you having another?”  It seems to never end…

In the beginning I use to get so embarrassed when I was asked the dreaded question of “when are you having a baby” I would just smile and say “oh we are trying” and try to change the subject.  Then one day I thought why should I be embarrassed, this is my story, my answer so I started responding with “we are quotefertility1trying, we are having some issues and having to go through IVF.”  The majority of the time that would lead to an awkward silence or them saying “I’m so sorry to hear that” which I felt was genuine and then them trying to change the subject.  In society these days although there are so many women going through this process, it still seems to be a bit of a taboo subject.  I completely get it, it is a very personal and emotional time, and everyone deals with it differently but I hope by sharing a few things others may feel comfortable sharing their journey or the next time someone says to you they are going through IVF you may have a better way to react or know what to say.  And after reading another blog this morning from ‘Mum on the Run’ that I shared on my facebook I wanted to go into a bit more detail on what can be the worst thing to say to a woman going through IVF.

“It will happen in time or when it is suppose too” –  Although I believe that everything happens for a reason whenever I heard this all I would think is yes but when will my time be and when will it happen for me it’s very easy to fall into the “why me” when you hear this.

“Just Relax & it will happen” – This seems to have the opposite effect on anyone when someone tells you to relax, you don’t immediately calm down when your angry or stop crying when your upset so how when you are going through something that does bring a lot of stress to your life do you “just relax.”

fertility_clock_2“You’re still young you have plenty of time” – When we started our infertility journey I was 29 and we had already been trying naturally for a couple of years prior to this.  I was 31 when I had Noah, now I think myself as very lucky that we had only two years at the clinic however I had that constant little person in my head telling me that I wasn’t getting any younger so someone reinforcing a time clock on me only made me think about it more and didn’t help my stress levels.

“Wow that must be costing you a fortune”  – Yes IVF is expensive, we are lucky in Australia that medicare does cover some of the cost because private health covers a very small portion however you are still out of pocket a hell of a lot.  Just as you probably don’t want to discuss your loans, debt etc people going through IVF are exactly the same.

“How on earth do you give yourself injections.”  – If you are genuinely asking out of care then I will answer but if you follow it by “I couldn’t think of anything worse.”  No injecting myself was not a joyful experience but if you were in my shoes I am sure you would do whatever it took to increase your chances, this was a sacrifice I was willing to take as the “worse” for me was IVF not working!ivf-struggles

And lastly and this one I did find a tad amusing at times but it was the “Have you tried ………… ”  This was everything from have you tried a different diet, eating healthier, acupuncture, lifting your legs up in the air after sex and certain positions during sex are best.  You name it, I tried it because don’t you think I would have tried everything before resorting to IVF.


There are still plenty of ways you can react and answer in a positive way and it all comes back to being genuine.  Ask them how they are honestly feeling and let them speak and vent if they need to and the biggest one is don’t judge!

Now I have our beautiful babe I constantly get the question of will you have another child?  To be perfectly honest I am fine with the question and happy to answer… Yes, I would like another child however I am thankful and grateful every day just to have Noah, I want to enjoy him and these first years and I just don’t know if I can put mentally, emotionally and physically put myself through the IVF cycle again just yet.  I have friends and family that have been lucky, they have gone through some kind of infertility journey with their first child and then conceived naturally with their second child.  This is often on my mind and this is such an amazing thing for them but when outsiders have no idea about my journey or my body and comment with “well how do you know you even need IVF next time” it just makes my blood boil.

Remember be kind, be gracious, just think before the words come out of your mouth and lastly send big fat positive vibes her way!


positive mind






The first 12 weeks…

The next seven weeks seemed to go slowly, it is that feeling of pure happiness and excitement and you just want to share it with the world.  But you also know that those first 12 weeks are so important and there is still that chance that anything could happen in that time and I just kept thinking the less people that knew the less we would have to tell if something bad did happen.  We told our immediate family and our closest friends of our news but we of course had family and friends that all knew that we had our egg transfer  before Christmas so we either had to tell them it hadn’t worked or that we hadn’t been for a scan yet or we just tried to avoid people in general, it seems harsh but true.  But boy is it hard, not only were we excited but I was also struck down with morning sickness, Baby Mac sure was letting me know that they were in there!

The first trimester is real… I lived on toast as I just couldn’t stomach cooking or even the smell of most foods let alone trhappy-toast-bread-slice-cartoon-character-licking-his-lips-butter-illustration-isolated-white-background-72034073ying to eat anything.  I was nauseous most mornings and did many a quick dash to the toilet at work hoping no one would notice firstly how long I was spending in the toilet and secondly how often I was going.   I felt tired so had plenty of early nights but continued to tell myself that all of this was a positive thing and feeling this way could only mean everything was progressing well and that our baby was growing inside of me day by day.

Physically I looked the same a little chubbier around the middle but nothing really noticeable unless I wore something tight, until I got closer to the twelve week mark which is when I popped out a little more.

Finally it was time to go to our 12 weeks scan…  Chosing an obstetrician really confused me, I knew which hospital I wanted to go to but I really had no idea on how to chose an obstetrician, I had recommendations from friends but in the end spoke to Irena about it.  Actually Irena asked me who I would be having and I replied “you.”  Irena wasn’t an obstetrician so that really wasn’t going to work.  As I mentioned I had met2016-03-05 16.01.34 Steve Bradford through the TAS IVF clinic so already knew him, I mentioned him and a few others to Irena, we chatted about each and she said she thought Steve was a good fit for us.  So off we went for our scan with Steve, eager to see our growing baby.  This was the first time Jus was meeting Steve and I am so thankful that he built a great relationship with him too.  To be honest you either click with him or you don’t… He has a wicked sense of humour and swears like a trooper but he is down to earth and made us feel comfortable and we loved him.  You have to spend the next nine months seeing this person frequently so the last thing you want is someone you don’t connect with!

We heard that heartbeat and saw Baby Mac on the screen and it was a sigh of relief, our hearts just melted and made all the sickness worth it.  Steve was happy with how everything was progressing and said he wouldn’t need to see me again until twenty weeks unless I had any concerns.  We could now start to tell people our wonderful news… We told our close friends and family and then announced it to the world of social media!

Thankfully by around fifteen weeks the morning sickness had eased and I was back to feeling like my old self again.  Now to enjoy this pregnancy journey!

2016-03-03 20.11.56-2



The next two weeks felt like forever but we were lucky that on Boxing Day we travelled to Flinders Island to visit Loz, Cody and Scarlett.  This trip away was absolutely the best thing for me, I spent two whole weeks of relaxing on the beach with my beautiful familytests3 and friends.  Irena had told me to wait two weeks before doing my  own pregnancy test but on the 30th of December we couldn’t help ourself and decided that we would do a test just to see if anything showed?  It was very faint but there was a line there!!!

I wasn’t convinced so on the 1st of January we did another test before Jus flew home, the line was much darker and we started to get a little excited.  On the 3rd I did another test (you just can’t be too sure) and it too was a dark line.  I told Loz after three tests and she cried with happiness and I just couldn’t stop shaking.  tests2

I knew that I still had to have blood tests when we got home on Saturday the 9th of January so it wouldn’t be confirmed until this time.  I should have had bloods taken on the 5th but because I was away I had to rush to Pathology by 1pm on the 9th.  We were hoping that we would get the results back that day but unfortunately we couldn’t so between the 3rd and the 9th I did do another two tests, yes I know that is five tests but as I said you can never see those two lines enough when you have been trying for so long.  On the Sunday (and after five tests) we thought it was safe to tell our parents.  We gave them a piece of paper to read that said “The best parents get promoted to grandparents – Baby McVilly coming in September 2016” they were all over the moon.  Tears from both of our mums and yes surprisingly my datestsd too and Leigh well he was just in shock and we captured it all on video to look back on.

Then I thought the worst had happened, Sunday night I went to the toilet and there was blood… I went into complete meltdown and couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t find my emergency contacts for the clinic or Irena.  I messaged a friend who had been through IVF, she told me that I should stay calm as she did bleed when she first fell pregnant with her twins but if I was extremely worried and the bleeding was heavy I should go to the hospital.  I eventually found a number for Steve Bradford who was great and calmed me down, he told me that if it was spotting or brown blood it was very normal and called a implantation bleed but if it got heavier then I should go straight to emergency.  I had never heard of an implantation bleed before but it is where the embryo is burying itself/attaching into the uterus and can last a few hours or up to a day or two.  I couldn’t thank Steve enough for putting my mind at ease and to Jus as usual for trying to calm me down during my meltdown.

At 7:30am on Monday the 11th of January I got a call on the way to work, it was the call we had both been waiting for… The nurse from the clinic was calling to say that I was in fact five weeks pregnant.  On Friday the 22nd at 9:15am we met with Irena and for the first time (although very small) we saw Baby Mac. Words cannot describe this feeling, a feeling of love, excitement and pure relief, to say we were both completely over the moon in an understatement we just could not believe that all of our dreams were coming true…dreams



A week passed and I got my period, it was late on a Friday that it came so Saturday waseec689e9b99be095829f01438e5224d6--ivf-quotes-ivf-clinic classed as day 1, I called the clinic and the nurses told me that it would be fine to wait until Monday to go and get my Lexegon script and start them day 3-7.  These tablets gave me headaches, body aches, hot flushes and night sweats I stopped these on the Friday and still felt average for about four days after.  On day 11 I went in for a scan my womb was still quite tender and not 100% recovered from surgery.  I was given urine tests to do over the weekend to show when I ovulated and on the Saturday it looked like one was positive so I went for bloods that saame day and then for more bloods again on the Monday just to make sure.  The bloods were not 100% clear so I went back again on Wednesday for one more test and they called in the afternoon to confirm to come back for a scan on Friday and then hopefully do the embryo transfer on Saturday.  I went into the clinic on the Friday (27 November) knowing in my mind that if my bloods were a bit all over the place something wasn’t quite right.  Irena scanned me and the lining was still very thin, they confirmed I hadn’t actually ovulated.  I was absolutely guttered, I honesty thought that after everything my body had been through over the past four weeks that we were getting somewhere and that even if this transfer didn’t work at least we got to that stage.  But this time it just wasn’t meant to be…. I felt heartbroken.

brooke-shields-the-difficulty-of-ivf-or-of-any-quote-on-storemypic-a22d1I kept composed whilst in with Irena and listened as she explained the next process to me but inside I was breaking down, my biggest worry was we wouldn’t get another cycle in before Christmas.  I voiced my concerns and she put me on Primolut straight away to bring on my period within the next week, then once my period starts I would take the Progynova which will allow them to put the eggs back in without me actually ovulating.  Like usual I tried to stay calm while I was in the clinic but by the time I got to the car I was sobbing and poor Jus had to listen to me, a blubbering mess on the other end of the phone.  He is my rock and the one that calms me down when I am an emotional wreck, he tells me “we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy road but we have to stay positive and remember that we will have a baby when it is meant to happen.”

I went back to work and as if I couldn’t feel any worse right now a nurse from St Helens called to say she had been extra efficient and sent out my paperwork prematurely for my transfer tomorrow, she was sorry and told me when I receive it in the mail I could just tear it up…. Thank you I really wanted to be reminded that I am NOT having my transfer this cycle.  And then just to top it all off I saw a post on the Tas IVF facebook page that there were proposed changes to IVF funding and that out of pocket costs are looking to be increased by 40-50% thankfully this did not happen but a financial worry so many of us going through this process could not deal with.  As if people don’t struggle enough and it isn’t a bit enough financial and emotional stress on families.  As we all know infertility is not a choice and those who need IVF treatment have no control over this condition and it is unfair to ask us to pay more. wpid-2015-01-30-10-45-49

Moving forward it is now the 18th of December, typically your period should come two days after you finish the tablets and mine being irregular as usual came five days after, so I called the nurses and they said I would be really pushing it to get a embryo transfer in before Christmas, but as long as I knew that and happy to proceed they would do everything in their power to try and make it work.  I spent the next week on Progynova three times a day before going in for my scan.  Irena was so excited to see that my lining was thick enough to proceed and then she gave a “Oh No… You have a follicle I think you may have ovulated by yourself.”  I thought to myself seriously body you never ovulate by yourself and now you do, so she sent me for urgent bloods but reassuring me that even if I had ovulated there was still a small chance that they may be able to sneak the transfer in.  So that afternoon I start the endometrin tablets three times a day and still continued with the progynova until the following week.  Transfer day was planned for Wednesday the 23rd of December, maybe we might be give a Christmas miracle!

So I was given an “old wives tale” by a friend that has been throuimagesD7F2OKFEgh IVF, she had been told this and wanted to pass it onto me and hopefully it would help.  So she told me to do the following:

“It’s important that on the morning of transfer you and your partner are intimate, this is the first stage at getting your body ready for a pregnancy, the endorphins that are released during arousal helps the uterus contract. Arrange to have your first of two half an hour massage, this first one is before your transfer, at this appointment focus on just your shoulders, neck and scalp, this is just to help release any tension and to clear your mind and relax your body. While you having your massage have only positive thoughts (only use a fragrant free oil) After transfer arrange for your second half an hour massage, this time focusing on the palms of your hands, legs and the soles of your feet, these are pressure points that will also help relax your body. In your mind concentrate on your little embryo making its journey to your uterus to imbed itself as it gets ready to grow.”

I thought well I have nothing to lose so may as well give it a shot, if nothing else I have had a relaxing day for myself.  So after my first massage Jus met me at the clinic and we met Irena and went in for our first embryo transfer.  There I was legs up in the air, I possibly have no dignity left after all of this but what the hell… It felt similar to having a pap smear and after some poking and prodding she found my uterus.  The lab doctor showed us our embryo on the screen which was amazing and a little emotional, whilstPrint Irena slid the embryo into my body we got to see it happen (as I had the ultrasound on my stomach).  A bright light was around the uterus when the embryo made it there, this really was an incredible experience and as hard as this whole journey had been it was moments like that which really are special.  It was all over in about 20 minutes and we left the clinic with Irena’s words of “You are now pregnant so stay that way, relax and look after yourself and I will see you in a few weeks”

Now to wait…. was I pregnant or not?



Egg Retrieval Day is here!

JUSThe alarm went off at 5:30am on Monday the 26th of October so up we got, showered and made our way into the hospital as we had to be there by 6:30, egg collection day had finally arrived.

There were five other couples so one by one they took us into our rooms where we were told to put on our gowns and booties and to get comfortable.  The nurse came around a couple of times to check my blood pressure and to make sure we were ok.  Surprisingly the time went quite quickly and other than being slightly hungry from fasting from the night before we kept ourselves entertained.  It’s easy when you have a husband to make you laugh and take your mind of what is about to happen.  At 9:15am the nurse came and  got us and took us up to theatre, Jus came down with me but waited in the waiting area as he didn’t want to come into theatre, they weighed me in the waiting area and Irena and the anaesthetist both came in to explain the procedure.

IVF2I walked into theatre, got up on the bed my cannula was put in and the last thing I remember was talking to the anaesthetist about karaoke, having a little sing and then I was out to it.  I woke up to Jus beside me and just feeling like I wanted to go back to sleep.  The nurse came and gave me some panadeine forte as I had terrible cramping pain, my blood pressure dropped and I started to feel quite sick and faint.  They gave me something through my cannula and within 5-10 minutes I was feeling a little better, I felt even better again when they told me that they had retrieved 23 eggs.  They wheeled me back to our room where they bought in breakfast which Justin was very excited about.  Over the next hour they continued to monitor me and take my blood pressure, once I was feeling ok they let me get up go to the toilet and I could get changed.  They took the cannula out and then we could go home.  Irena came to see us and to explain that they wouldn’t be doing the transfer on Saturday as planned, I thought I would be dissapointed but to be honest I must say I was relieved as I knew my body had been through a lot and as she said there is no point putting a fertilised egg back in when your body hasn’t healed properly.  So she told me to go home, rest up and I was to call once I got my next period and then we could prepare to do our egg transfer.


I honestly didn’t comprehend how much of a toll this procedure would have on my body, I thought that they would harvest my eggs and I would be sore for a day or two and then I would be fine, this was not the case.  The Monday was fine just a little bit of cramping but I had pain relief and was still a little groggy from the anaesthetic.  Tuesday to Friday were awful… I was so bloated, the cramping through my lower and upper stomach was so bad that all I did for four days was lay on the couch with a heat pack, I had taken a lot of pain relief but it wasn’t really doing anything to help.  Of a night I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable and could not lay on my side at all.  I was also extremely constipated which made my bloating worse.  I called the nurses on the Tuesday and they told me that they had fertilized 15 eggs which were just ecstatic about and made me even happier to think I wouldn’t have to go through this procesdure again or at least not for a long time.  I then called the nurses daily and they assured me that how I was feeling was very normal for the amount of eggs that they had taken but by the Friday they told me to go and get some movicol from the chemist which is a laxative.  Over the weekend I looked as if I was around 20 weeks pregnant that is how bloated my stomach was but then I spent the next three days on the toilet so I went from one extreme to the other, a lovely picture I know.  I went back to work on the Monday still not feeling 100% it wasn’t until the Wednesday I really felt myself again so it took me an easy 10 days to feel ok again.  But I knew that no matter how bad I had felt or how much pain I had been put in that it would all be worth it.

Now to wait to get a period….